are you sad..?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm not sure what i'm feeling right now, i want to move on but...i go nowhere...Hmm i had terrible headache... and went to clinic... and doc said i have migrain. gosh.. i was quite surprised tho, i cudnot take the pressure...i cudnt sleep for the past few days...somethings,much things bombarded in my head. i wish i can rectify everythings...make it not happened, but i don't have the power...

Perhaps, they were right, jangan cepat percaya orang. i know i am the kinda of person who always has good impression toward's hard for me to judge ppl..and think negative about them.not untill the mess up with me..haha but, those experience makes me..scared, holding back. i wish i can open my heart back...when there's a chance.. but, is sit true? or another test for me? or all i can do...just keep waiting...and waiting until the end of my day.sigh.....

but hey.. i wont let myself down... because i know... He always guide me... for a good path,fix me whenever i go wrong and give me strong.... it will takes..time.... for everythings. kan?

"doa banyak-banyak... insyaAllah..doa orang teraniaya akan dimakbulkan".. amin



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