First Love Never you still remember ?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

2000 - march 2003:

Everythings abt him suddenly popup from my brain. This happened when i met my cousin and we discussed about the bf-gf lame topic eh? and suddenly she asked me abt him. and..yes... for quit a long time...i never mentioned that name, MKNH in front of everyone but i proudly had him as my bf. eventho we ended like this now. Our love was too strong, but just didn't have any power to make things work....maybe at that time i was too childish. and didnt know what to decide and i took everythings lightly. He gave me much...the love letters, the cards...but most importantly loves... sweet and care and his kindness,...he never ever acted rude twrd me, scolded me,or everythings. He was too nice that time okay...arghhh.. From JB to KL to Bangi to JB and he never ever complaint everythings he did, how much money he invested only to make me happy.

Yes the relationship only took for almost 3 years. i regret for what i did. everythings was my fault. it is too late to say i miss him now, i dont know where he is, what he does.... both of us changed the phone no. & everythings...since we broke up.sigh! ironically,weird i only took 5 months to recover & my life started back to normal.

But, until now, i still kept everythings he gave me. i read back the love letters. it was like.. whooach... at least.. for the first time i realise...someone had appreciated me.

these memory inside me it just a snapshot to revive the feelings...perhaps... ?

the memory..wont killed me... it just make me feel alive & least makes me happy!..

it was too late for everythings but that's okay. remember the moments we had and treasured and appreciated those time is the most important things for me.

yep..nearly 5 years ago....too fast, too speed. but all the memories is still fresh.still.



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