Thursday, January 17, 2008

hmm... i cudnt sleep. it's already 2.55am. ..i'm watching rerun of american idol season 7 for second times. today is their first show onair (mostprobably) from starworld to 8tv to starworld..okay. pheeh..i'm teribly bored and i hate when this feeling came out again & again. hmm..while watching tv, i did some photo editing...bored.again...seriously there's no productive works i did since i finished my study.

hmm i miss my friends. we had so much fun and joy that day...somethings to appreciate and remembered for whole life...i wish i can undo every things. but just for certain time where i have the bundle of jolly joy and chills time and the time where i can forget all the problems or unnecessary things for me. spend the day with bargain and shopping. sale sana sini.owh... i likey!
i have numbers of list to shop till drop. hahaha...

i've just checked my account. i still didnt get my refund arghh..lastweek when i send the refund form to finance department, the kakak said , i will get the money this week. but hell nothing in my account. hah whatever...

this boredom is actually killing me...urghh.:P



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