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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ohoho.. back at where i first began. for the 4th time or more...hmm, i reckon this might be temporary again. or...im not sure yet. i hate when most of the tool of expression had their system shutdown,downtime or whatever..and according to the vox's news...it said that vox problem is due to power outage at S.F and hohoho... why the H.E double L ..it happened? and...normally, this is the what occurred to the so-called online diary.too bad..it also happened to vox.sigh. wednesday is a good day. the weather is cool and fine. i only got one class, MOT class was canceled due to midterm this saturday hahaha...and good coz i didnt study anything yet.=P

well, instead of that...somethings i did lastnight. i send sms to someone hoping that particular person will reply back the sms. but what else u have to expect? i send the sms at 3.30 in the morning. haha. unfortunately no return sms i get until now. *sigh*

between me and my bf. i hardly tried to rectify everythings back to normal. but seems it became more and more difficult. i really dont know what else i shud do to make it...okay. he keep blaming me for what i did or said. we keep arguing every time we met,he always see my fault.why sayang?...i dont know what elso wrong with our relationship.? sometimes he could not control his tempered mental , his anger. seriously-shit i cudnt accept what he said to me sometimes. i try mybest to forget those words. perhaps it will be the best way for us. right? letting go the bitter-part.haaih!! i cudnt be so perfect okay. i try to comfort him or care toward him when he sick , but all i did was so lame to him.i get no compliment , i get nothing in return. perhaps he wanted more than that. i just dont know. deep down inside my heart i really don't want all these to happen between us. do you want to wreck everythings that we 'd built, dont you know that ...the sparks..glittters...of our love seems.. to disappeared..slowly one by one. Issit because of the rebound?or impulsive decision i've made to this relationship.? it's getting more complicated, but still i give him chance to heal the wounds.. but... wud it heal and disappeared everythings ??? or at the end it will leave the huge ugly scars.....on it. aihhhh....why on earth it happened to me?

i guess it...enough for now....ciow..

*6 nov 08:
i wish to delete this, but due to this was the first entry of this blog, i'll keep it.well, this was in the past.i'm okay now.;)*



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